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"This is a great service. Five stars. I recommend it to any and everyone submitting resumes. I got in on that $85 deal - Worth every penny!! A brief conversation -- send a copy of your current resume... Sit back and wait for the magic!! Within 2 days I received my new resume - It was both masterfully and eloquently written. Brandi is both professional and thorough to say the least. Her phrasing and ability to hit all the necessary buzz words is remarkable and impressive! I resubmitted my resume to positions I previously applied for w/no response. But this time around a number of them have scheduled interviews! For all you folks that feel you are hitting roadblocks in your career quests, and are looking for a tried and true obstacle remover.. Brandi's resume service is the answer!!"

Communicating Value

Communicating your value addresses the unique issues facing today’s job seekers.

  • Learn lifelong tools needed to discover their skill sets
  • Learn how to market themselves to potential employers effectively
  • Articulate in a clear and concise manner

Acing the Interview

There is a specific technique that will set you apart from the rest of the applicant pool. This popular workshop prepares you for the interview with mock-videotaped sessions and reviewing industry-based interview questions. We explore the STAR format and the correct usage and offer a unique method that nearly guarantees the interview when implemented correctly.

  • Gain and refine their interviewing skills
  • Create self-confidence
  • Increase the probability of securing employment

A Winning Resume

Resume-Advantage has a hands-on approach to preparing job seekers with their most prized tools to seek and secure employment. This workshop consists of a 60-minute presentation on what goes into building a successful resume as well as handy handouts. Resume-Advantage even takes it a step further and offers future on-site appointments for those who want to be proactive and capitalize on the recent information.

  • Resume development
  • Step-by-step handouts
  • Follow-ups (optional)

Confidence Building

Searching for a job these days is difficult. You must have a resume that is riddled with industry buzzwords; you must answer questions in STAR format, exude complementary body language, dress in a way that exemplifies your professionalism, and find that one item that separates you from the rest of the qualified applicants. All this is not enough to get the job. You need confidence. This workshop will help you learn how to identify your natural strengths, build on these innate abilities, and how to apply those to your job search strategically.

  • Discover your talents
  • Harness your skill-sets
  • Implement your abilities

Stress Workshop

Our training program provides trademarked resources that are unmatched in the measured results they generate for your organization. We offer a groundbreaking framework for constructing the essential proficiencies for recognizing and managing the sources of stress, rather than merely doctoring the symptoms. This workshop is more than tips and techniques for relieving workplace stress. The foundations for this stress management outline are in Emotional Intelligence, and in learning to take ownership.

  • Recognizing stress
  • EQ and stress
  • Managing stress

Workshops on Wheels

Workshops on Wheels are hosted at offsite locations to help with the lack of transportation. Pick any workshop, and we will coordinate with you to create the perfect Workshop on Wheels.

  • Pick a workshop and count us in
  • Get the same dedication and support
  • What are you waiting for? Call us today. We cannot wait to meet you there

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