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Submit your current resume or career info via our secure website

Your personally assigned writer makes direct contact with you to evaluate your materials and a plan of action

First draft is sent out within 7 days or sooner

Work one-on-one with the writer on revisions until you are satisfied with the final draft


Resume-Advantage strives to be a nation-wide employee service brand with unmatched customer service and an excellent track record for helping working professionals land highly sought-after industry positions.

Why Us?

  • Customized document development
  • Telephone consultations conducted
  • 95%+ client referral rate
  • No questionnaires to complete
  • Delivery in Word and PDF
  • Speedy turnaround
  • No middleman
  • Excellent customer service

How Does It Work?

Resume-Advantage implements the expert knowledge of our resume writers, merged with in-depth feedback from resume-scanning software called applicant-tracking systems (ATS). ATS sifts candidates based on keywords, buzz phrases, and formatting, Resume-Advantage examines your resume using parallel technology/software. Our specialist writers take these critical results and produce a more compelling and dynamic resume.

Your specifically assigned writer will collaborate with you to deliver a first draft, which takes up to seven days or sooner. Then, you’ll have a week to offer feedback to your writer with questions and concerns, with up to two rounds of revisions. The process, from start to finish, takes one to two weeks.

"Brandi is a professional who will work with you to craft an amazing resume that will get recognized by any hiring manager. I was very pleased, as the day after I posted the resume to a job site I got a call back. Give Resume-Advantage a try you will not be disappointed."