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Student Resumes
  • For recent grad students, entry-level positions, or zero to two years of job experience.
Professional Resumes
  • For any industry with two or more years of experience in current career, company, or position.
Career Change Resume
  • For those considering careers changes, upward mobility, or career responsibility changes.
IT/Tech Resumes
  • For IT or technical related career with more than 2 years experience in current career or position.
Military Resumes
  • For those service members who are leaving the military and returning to the civilian sector.

"I've written this endorsement of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendations:
Brandi’s work is unbelievable. She created a resume, cover letter, and helped prepare me for the interview by asking probing questions. She created a "brand" for me through my resume and took my five page resume and made it two pages. The results were far above my expectations and I was very doubtful at first. Boy, was I wrong!
She accurately captured what I had to offer and presented it positively and with key buzzwords. If you’re having difficulty developing a good resume, I would contact, Brandi. She is fast and reliable. The entire process was smooth."

Student Resumes

New to the job market and full of ambition, but running into that terrible problem of not having enough experience when you apply for jobs? We call this the classic “catch-22”. No one will take a chance on you until you have ample experience and you can’t get the on the job training until someone hires you. We understand this minor bump in the career road and the uniqueness of this delicate situation. We value young, ambitious professionals, recent graduates, and students.

These particular cases need resumes that powerfully sell your fresh skills, drive, and endless potential as an employee even though you don’t have a large amount of experience to showcase. We got you covered, and our specialists know exactly how to focus on your strengths and emphasize your assets.

Professional Resumes

Our professional networking teams consist of resume writers from all around the country. This team of writers are in the industry for years and comprehend the hiring process and the method to the madness. Our process mimics the old fashion way, but with a slight twist. There is no middleman. Just email us your resume, and a qualified resume writer will be assigned to you. The writer will make initial contact and begin working for you and with you promptly.

We produce standout resumes specifically for you. Our teams of writers are trained in multiple areas of career fields and industries. Here at Resume-Advantage, we will deliver topnotch customer service, communication and resumes, and our qualified writer will aid you in success.

Executive Resumes

Our seasoned executive resume writers are trained for positions in such leadership. Managers, C-level executives as well as executives in all industries. As we all know, an Executive Resume is more detailed and requires a bit more information. These resumes follow a different format that must display other attributes that a Student Resume or Professional Resume do not expect. Such occupations are lawyers, doctors, Medical Science Liaisons.

Executive Resumes are handled with great sophistication, and Resume-Advantage is accustomed to such catering.  The focal points are accomplishments and achievements. With this in mind, our company offers a variety of levels of service tailored purposely to executives and managers. These resumes are specially made for those in consultant positions in the corporate or business world.

Career Change Resumes

Sometimes our drive in passion in life changes much like the seasons and sometimes to take our careers to the next level, we must change roles and move in a completely different direction. If you’re facing this fork in the road, do not stress. Resume-Advantage can take your experience and make ample room for flexibility for your newfound passion and potential for your diamond in the rough success. Our talented team of writers welcomes all professionals of all stripes. Let’s make this easy.

Military Resumes

Our Military professionals of all ranks and pay grades are at times faced with a one of a kind situation. When you have dedicated one to twenty years in the service, it can be quite challenging to see how your Military experience translates into the civilian workforce, but our writers here at Resume-Advantage know how to target your expertise and morph your work history into the correct civilian context.

We are confident in our writers and proud to say that the resume writer assigned to you will have previous experience with the military service and will treat your requests and unmet needs with a sense of urgency. Let us revamp your resume into a sale message that will open up new doors for you.

IT/Tech Resumes

Sometimes the difference between you and another candidate are the distinctions between the resumes. It’s a competitive job market for Information Technology professionals these days. How do you stand out in a crowded room? Better yet, how do you stand out in a room full of the same profession? Resume-Advantage can make you rise above the cookie cutter competition. We understand that IT resumes must pay considerable attention to techniques because of their technical nature.

Our staff is results driven, much like the occupation of an IT. Contact us now and let us make you stand out like a sore thumb, in a good way, of course.